What is a retreat?

As a verb the word retreat denotes an act of moving back or away from a certain point.  When we enter into a retreat we are moving back or away from the day to day activities of our busy lives in order to focus our attention on the "sound of sheer silence" as we enter into the presence of the one calling us to freedom, rebirth and growth .  It is said that the language of God is silence.
Types of Retreats

An experience of quiet, prayer and reflection with
opportunities for input and sharing.  Topics vary according to the spiritual director.  A full weekend retreat is $155.00/person & $310.00/couple
Some retreats are of a shorter duration. which can be a day and a half long, which are $90.00, and some day retreats for $35.00. Please call for details.
One meeting a day with the Spiritual Director.  The focus of this retreat is the personal prayer life of the retreatant.  The retreatant’s personal relationship with God is discerned with the help of a spiritual director. The schedule includes time for daily Eucharist, private prayer, Sacramental Reconciliation, relaxation and physical exercise.  * $75.00 per day

No spiritual director, rather time alone for personal prayer and reflection, scheduled at the convenience of the retreatant and availability of space at the Retreat House.
* $75.00 per day.

Our staff is both trained and experienced to accompany individuals on their spiritual journey. Each person is encouraged to be comfortable with his/her faith experience.
Suggested fee: $20.00 to $50.00 per session.

* Fees are in Canadian Dollars and depends upon the room or suite that is booked.  Deposits are Required.

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